Accelerate the performance of your DNS resolution.

ExaDNS is an open and reliable DNS resolver.


ExaDNS is globally distributed through Anycast - allowing for low latency, high availability.


ExaDNS does not keep track of your visited sites. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed and ensured.


ExaDNS utilizes a sophiscated DNS backend - root zone lookups are non-blocking and super quick.

What is DNS?

One may compare DNS to a classical phone book. If you look up a certain person, you'd crawl through the book until you've found the right number.

Similiar, in the DNS system, the purpose is to resolve domain names (for example exadns.co) to IP addresses.

ExaDNS is built based on a redundant and load-balanced system, ensuring reliablity and speed.

ExaDNS implements DNSSEC, contributing to the safety of DNS responses of compatible domains.

ExaDNS does not keep track of your visited websites, nor of your connections to ExaDNS.

ExaDNS does not censor, manipulate or otherwise modify any DNS records returned.

ExaDNS is distributed using Anycast in the United States and the European Union.

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